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WCS Tube Trap

WCS Tube Trap end caps

£2.35 each

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WCS Tube Trap Details

The trap is a self-contained tunnel trap manufactured from steel  with a factory applied paint finish.

115 mm diameter x 380 mm length
Weight: 1.4 kg

End Caps

These end caps are manufactured from a weather resistant plastic.

They are useful for converting the trap to single entry and they are  readily cut and tailored to provide restricted entry alternatives.

WCS Tube Trap

£59.95 each

Plus P&P

The WCS Tube Trap is suitable for inside and outside use and is approved for the humane dispatch of Mink, grey squirrels, weasels and glis glis.

In the UK, spring traps must satisfy parliamentary approved mechanical characteristics.  The WCS Tube Trap supplied by Elgeeco has been re-engineered, tested and approved for use in the UK.  Versions of this trap made for other markets are not approved; and their use is illegal in the UK!

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