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Approved Killing Traps for  Grey Squirrels

Tree Mountable Squirrel Trap with Bird Feeder

Choose from sturdy professional cage traps or powerful spring humane killing traps.  The tree mounted Procull squirrel trap, designed and patented by Elgeeco and made in Britain is an ideal choice for the novice trapper who may be concerned about their ability to quickly and humanely dispatch these animals.  In areas where the protected native red squirrels are present, a humane live catch cage trap must be used if grey squirrels are a problem.  The Elgeeco tree mounted squirrel trap and bird feeder is the most favoured choice.

Humane Cage Traps for Grey Squirrel Control

Kania 2000 Spring Trap and Restricted access tunnelKania 2000 Spring TrapProcull Humane Dispatch Grey Squirrel Trap

Grey Squirrel Traps