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UK Made Live Catch Cage Traps & Approved Spring Traps

The best selection of squirrel traps at the best prices.

Elgeeco are suppliers of professional squirrel traps, mink traps, magpie traps and pigeon traps.

All spring traps supplied by Elgeeco are approved by DEFRA.  These include the Kania 2000, WCS Tube Trap, the patented Procull Squirrel Trap made in the UK and genuine British made Fenn spring traps.

All Elgeeco humane live catch cage traps are made in the UK using best quality materials and workmanship.

Cage traps are fully welded with a post applied zinc finish for long service and reliability.

New Generation Larsen Trap with folding decoy cage and folding clam trap catching cages Elgeeco woodpigeon trap Foldable clam trap catching cage Captured grey squirrels are up off the ground away from the unwanted attention of foxes, cats and dogs. The humane mink trap with a rigid fully welded construction and a post applied zinc finish for stength and reliability. Mk 4 and Mk 6 Fenn spring traps The UK approved version of the WCS Tube Trap, available from Elgeeco, incorporates additional clamping bars within the tube which are not fitted to traps made for other markets. An option favoured by pest control professionals for removing problem grey squirrels from loft spaces in buildings. Mobile Device Site - Here Procull squirrel humane dispatch trap on a tree

Procull Squirrel Trap

Woodpigeon Trap

Elgeeco Squirrel Trap

Magpie Clam Trap

Larsen Trap

Mink & Squirrel Cage Trap

Approved Fenn Traps

WCS Tube Trap

Kania 2000 Spring Trap